Wednesday, July 20, 2011

a quite nice airport

I am on holiday with my family in Donegal at the minute. I am sitting on a bench outside Donegal International Airport, which hosts the only internet for five hundred thousand miles. The airport facilitates two return flights daily, one to Dublin and one to Glasgow, (which covers the 'international' aspect of the name.) The building is more like a large living room or a church hall than a faceless, machine-run, rapid transit air transport base. It has just one large room, and locals pop in for cups of tea, and discussions about wind currents with the staff. Everybody seems to be related to each other.

Since the airport also serves as the local internet cafe and community centre, it is well kept and systematically run. There is no underlying scent of bleach that you can taste in the back of your throat, and no space sandwiches with a 50 year shelf-life, and no angry passengers storming around saying, "this is bloody ridiculous", (probably because Ryanair don't fly from here). There is also no irritating announcement warning passengers not to leave their bags unnattented. I think this is because they don't have an announcement machine, when they need to make an announcement, the lady at the one and only check-in desk stands up and says, "excuse me, i have an announcement," (which I imagine is generally followed by, "the kettle has now boiled if anyone would like a cup of tea and a chocolate Digestive.") There is one door which says 'arrivals' and one beside it which says 'departures'. I think they lead to the same room. Everyone gets very excited when a plane comes and runs to the window to watch.

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  1. lovely drawing :) looking forward to august.