Friday, July 1, 2011

€7.20 indeed?

Today I found a new coat in a charity shop for €7.20, which everyone in the shop agreed was a splendid bargain. We all conceded the coat was fab and I was encouraged to go through with the purchase by all parties. It is a beige trenchcoat which makes me look like a news reporter or Inspector Gadget (as I was informed by a friend post-purchase). I donned it immediately I left the shop. Someone shouted "Weapons!" as I walked by, which is a bit obscure, but I imagine is probably an enigmatic Inspector Gadget reference, as opposed to a shopping list for an impending secret revolution I might have accidentally overheard. Fab indeed. I hate Inspector Gadget, he is a hopelessly irritating character, but that little helicopter that comes out of the top of his hat could come in pretttttty handy...

I am now in the market for a helicopter hat. If anyone has one that they need to shift.

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