Tuesday, March 22, 2011

the upside-down effect

Overwhelming feelings of restlessness, claustrophobia, entrapment and stress are causing me to feel stagnant and frustrated. To fix this I decided I needed a drastic change, so I have started sleeping upside-down in my bed. Deceptively simple, but it is working surprisingly well, - I feel like I am on holiday from the normal end of the bed. I find myself quite excited when it is bedtime and I remember something is different to how it usually is, like when you tidy your room or your walls get painted or you get a new duvet cover.

However after a week this simple solution has lost some of it's golden glow and in fact seems ultimately dangerous for my health. I keep waking up and smacking my face against the wall because I am facing the wrong way. The lack of headboard is causing me to push the pillows off the end of the bed in my sleep, so I frequently wake up on my face, (presumably after an abandoned attempt at rescuing the pillows,) which makes my eyes swell up so i look like ive been stung by a bee and taken a bad reaction. The change of sleeping environment is causing extremely vivid, often violent dreams from which I wake up completely naked in a cold sweat. Yesterday I woke up with the most terrible pain in my neck that rendered me immobile from the shoulders up (except for blinking) for the whole day. Not only did this put me in a foul, bear-like mood, but my inability to turn my head resulted in a few close encounters with the 49A on the cycle home.

I am beginning to reconsider my solution. I think I should just get a new duvet cover. Maybe a Harry Potter one.


  1. labels: watercolour fat people :D what?

    probably a new duvet is less dangerous, even there's no proof for it, especially if you consider a Harry Potter printed one...

  2. I sometimes do the same. It's a great way to get new perspectives. even in dreams. :) Gonna try it again tonight.