Sunday, January 23, 2011

trying to be quiet at night time

On Friday evening I came home quite late from a party. I was doing my best to be quiet so i didn't wake anyone up, but I thought to myself, "I'll just get some water to bring upstairs". I couldn't find any cups so i had to climb onto the worktop and scrabble around on the top shelf of the cupboard with a spatula until I found an old ice-cream tub, the sort that is kept with the sole function of storing excess bolognese in the freezer. As I delicately dropped back down to ground level I knocked over all the dishes on the draining board. I still had my bag on my back so as I jumped back in alarm I knocked over the fruit bowl and immediately stood on three kiwis. Only when i turned on the tap in my room did my housemate Clare wake up. She accused me the next day of "brushing my teeth for ages."

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