Saturday, January 29, 2011

red flavour jelly

Last night I bought a block of jelly for 35 cents from a popular supermarket known for their wide range of reasonably priced quality own-brand produce, who shall remain nameless because of reasons of copyright.

There is no flavour description on the pack, which leads me to conclude it is 'red' flavour, like ice pops and slush puppies.

When I was in charge of making the jelly as a kid (basically my dream job) I would bite the raggedy edges off the cubes to 'help them melt better'. Then I would scoop them out with a spoon, suck the melted bits off and spit them back in the water. By the time the jelly was served after dinner, most of it would have already been in my mouth. In retrospect I understand how wrong this was, so I don't do it anymore, just sometimes.

We were making the jelly last night and we wanted to eat it right now now now so we decided the freezer would be the quickest option. We researched some freezing techniques on the internet and discovered that hot water freezes faster than cold water (a phenomenon not formally introduced to the scientific community until 1969). So contrary to the instructions, which stated 1/2 pint hot water to melt the jelly cubes and 1/2 pint cold water to help it set, we used only hot water, (wild, I know) and put it in the freezer.

Then we forgot about it and went to bed. Today it seems to have frozen solid and all the red has floated to the top. Which proves that you should always follow the instructions and not make up your own version you think might work better, the jelly people probably spent years refining the technique. Don't mess with science.

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