Friday, January 28, 2011

electric hot air blower

This is our electric hot air blower. Disguised as a fire, it casts a warm amber glow across the room, creating a homely, welcoming atmosphere. Dead classy. The red coals are glued in but there are also three removable black coals which can be lifted out and placed on the tongue to impress visitors. There is a very realistic projection of a fire flickering merrily inside the doors. When we leave it on too long it overheats and the projection plays backwards, which is utterly nauseating, and forces you to question the boundaries of your own reality.

Positioned carefully in front of the original fireplace, (now discreetly covered with a piece of plywood stuck on with gaffa tape) our electric hot air blower serves as a focal point, forging a bond between the lower end of the room, occupied by the TV and a large collection of empty wine bottles, and the upper end of the room, housing three chairs and a microwave.

If we removed the back from the elaborate housing of the hot air blower, I imagine it would be filled with hairdryers.

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