Monday, November 22, 2010

a dream and some drawings

This is a dream I had. The person in the crocodile suit is a girl called Morgan Allen who was in the year below me in school. I didn't recognise the person dressed as the giraffe. They were having an argument and Morgan Allen threw the person dressed as the giraffe over a banister.

I made it into an etching. It was accepted into the "Impressions" print exhibition in the Galway Arts centre. Which is nice. The exhibition opens on 2nd December and runs to 8th January.

Here are some drawings of old people having a nice time

I don't know who the other people are, but this one in the green is Great Auntie Hetty. When I was a kid I thought she was probably about a million years old. I always thought she had far too much skin on her face. And it looked too soft, like she was made of Oli of Ulay. She is dead now though, so I probably shouldn't say that. You aren't supposed to say anything about anybody once they're dead.

And also this a drawing of my friend Clara eating Marks and Spencer's Flapjacks.