Tuesday, October 12, 2010

by all accounts, a dramatic morning

A bird tried to climb in through my window this morning. I didn't know what to do so i just pretended to be asleep. Luckily he didn't take anything.

Here are some draws.
A wonderful definition of a bargain from the 10 year old boy who lives next door

I saw this lady on a beach in Switzerland. She has no bottom.

It is polite in Spanish conversation to juggle the breasts of the person you are talking to.
This little known fact has been confirmed by my Spanish friend Esther.

most likely the root of every fight i have ever had with my sister
(the flowergirl is me. Sarah-1: Hannah-0)


  1. Please, don't be a vet ever!
    I have miss your draws!
    Besos desde el Sur!

  2. yea! I love it! you have a blog too now! great! miss you miss you! kiss
    your wince